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Discover Great Underwater in Malta - Travel Oh Travel

By Travel Oh TravelWednesday, November 13, 2013 | 5:24 PM

Snorkeling in Malta is a great way to experience the underwater environment. There is plenty to feast your eyes upon. Depending on the location in which you will be conducting your snorkeling activity, aquatic life in the Maltese waters vary from the timid to the curious, the small to the large, and the colorful to the camouflaged all of which are guaranteed to offer you a great snorkeling adventure.

If you prefer to snorkel on sandy beaches, which are also ideal for kids, then I would suggest you try Snorkeling in Malta at Paradise Bay, San Blas in Gozo and best for last Blue Lagoon in Comino. All three locations are ideal for families with children and you can be rest assured that these warm azure waters are safe and secure as can be.

Despite a dozen or so sandy beaches, which are scattered along the Maltese Islands, Most of the Islands coastlines are rocky. Prepare to be amazed by the underwater topology where hidden amongst the rocks you are sure to discover various exotic creatures such as octopus, lobsters and for the lucky few cute little sea horses may as well appear through the many nooks and crannies found among the rocky sea bed.

If you are an avid snorkeler and want some extra spice to your snorkeling adventure then I strongly recommend that you visit Cirkewwa. This is one of the most exciting dive and snorkeling sites in the island.

The most adventurous snorkeling in Cirkewwa is done along the coastline that looks out onto deep blue waters. Strategically located between Comino and Gozo, The channel of water that flows between these islands provide a highway of marine life activity. This is precisely why this area attracts so many divers and snorkelers alike.

With the help of a dive center, be sure to visit Comino. The smallest out of the three Maltese Islands, Comino offers some of the best diving and snorkeling sites. Great for the family, blue lagoon in Comino is a piece of paradise with its rich blue turquoise color is necessary on your itinerary plan.

Although Snorkeling is the ideal way to appreciate Malta's marine life caution and care is always advised when snorkeling in Malta. Never snorkel alone and inform someone you can rely on regarding your snorkeling itinerary plan.

Another safety tip is to stay close to the shore as much as possible whilst always looking out for boats. (Boating in Malta is an extremely popular past time especially during the summer months). I strongly recommend you use snorkeling buoys to avoid any possible dangers.

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