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By Travel Oh TravelTuesday, December 17, 2013 | 12:36 AM

Hawaii is one of the world's most desired destinations, who wouldn't want to go? What you might not know is that it's more than just another group of islands with great beaches, world-class hotels, and a perfect climate - Hawaii is a place unique unto itself, with things to see and does that could not happen anywhere else.

Hawaii has the highest life expectancy in the United States, perhaps it has something to do with it's being the only state in the union that grows coffee, cacao, and vanilla beans. You might not think that would have anything to do with the unbelievable quality of life enjoyed by the fortunate residents of this most amazing place, but if you throw in the fact that one-third of the world's pineapples come from Hawaii, and that it is the biggest producer of macadamia nuts on the planet - not to mention that it is continuously growing (on account of the never-ending but safe lava flow), and it's pretty safe to say that as well as being a top-shelf tourist destination, this is one of the best places in the world to live. So why not go there and find out why for yourself?

A collection of islands close enough to each other to visit several of them in a short period of them, Hawaii boasts not only natural scenery that can't be found elsewhere, but also has a significant place in recent world history - Pearl Harbor comes to mind. It is a fascinating place to visit - sobering, impressive, and spectacular all at the same time. From there it's a short trip to downtown Honolulu, known for its friendly people, great food, and excellent shopping. And if you're curious about where the oldest Catholic Church in the United States is - it's right here. The Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace was built in 1843, out of coral, marble, plaster, and terra cotta - a truly unique architectural masterpiece, that fits in well with Honolulu's marvelous blend of old and new buildings alike.

Ever wanted to learn how to surf? It doesn't matter what your age is, or if you're not a world-class athlete - Hawaii is the home of surfing, you couldn't pick a more fun activity. Any water sport you could imagine is available for you to try, and if you want to just lie on the beach and take it all in - there are no better beaches anywhere. But really - how can you be so close to these incredibly clear waters, with fascinating brightly-colored tropical fish all around, and not want to go snorkeling? For young and older alike, this is a great activity - safe, low-impact, and a lot of fun. Maybe you will get to see the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a - Hawaii's state fish. You might not be able to pronounce it, but you will never forget seeing it!

You can take a dinner cruise along the famous beaches of Waikiki - and no need to worry about seagulls going after your food, because Hawaii has no seagulls! Or go to the north shore of the famous island of Oahu, and visit the Polynesian Cultural Center - and it's not some boring museum either, but rather an authentic Polynesian village experience. Spend an afternoon immersed in the original local culture, and after dinner stay tuned for the impressive 150 person show, featuring performances and acts you're simply not going to experience anywhere else 

This is only a very small sample of all that there is to see and do in what is perhaps the most fascinating part of the United States. From a truly unique culture, to amazing weather, to some of the most unique flora and fauna anywhere - if you want a vacation you are never going to forget, there is but one word - Hawaii!

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  1. Very informative blog! After reading this blog one can easily plan his tour to Hawaii. Next weekend I and my cousin are also going to visit Hawaii with hawaii bus tours. To visit The Polynesian Cultural Center and Pearl Harbor, Rainbow Falls and Kawalaha'o Church are in our tour plan. But I am little confused regarding our stay there. Can you guide me about the best affordable hotel to stay there that provides healthy food services?



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