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Backpacking in Australia - Travel Oh Travel

By Travel Oh TravelFriday, November 15, 2013 | 8:51 AM

It is actually a good question. Why should you go backpacking in Australia, the strange and deserted country far away from anywhere else? Being solely known for kangaroos, the boomerang and a nut head chasing crocs, Australia does not give a good first impression. In addition, apart from that, it is probably the most dangerous place on this planet. We are talking about the world leading country in venomous spiders, hungry sharks, and deadly snakes. In fact, of the ten most dangerous snakes in the world, Australia has the lot. So why would you travel to such a horrific place?

The answer is simple; Australia is a backpacker's paradise. Being equally wonderful and unique, Australia gives you the opportunity to dive the spectacular Great Barrier Reef, experience the surfer lifestyle, and survive a night in the outback. Australia has everything a backpacker could ever look for, and the hostels are packed with like-minded backpacker’s year-around.

Australian lifestyle:

Australia is often referred to as the country of long weekends. The relaxed and laidback Aussie way of living is a dream comes true for every backpacker. The only place in the world where ordering a Big Mac would take you about a half hour.

The mystical country down under is also home to quite a bunch of weirdoes. We are talking about the country that took the concept of Lassie and thought; "Hmm, we could do the same with a kangaroo." The greatest nut head of them all, Steve Irwin, is another Australian hero that has dominated the nature channels the last decade with his crocs and Crakes After his sudden and sadly passing in 2008, Steve Irwin's passion and spirit can only truly be experienced in his lifework: The Australian Zoo. The zoo is still driven by his family, and has kept its atmosphere, unique to any other zoo in the world.

All of these questions are important, and need to be faced eventually, but guess what; NOT NOW! Planning a trip to Australia is not done over night, and the biggest mistake you can make is to start with the problems. When you travel around Australia, you will find there is one thing in common between all the overseas travelers. They all had a real desire to go there.

Before you can face the big tasks, you need to build up a desire to go there. Why do you want to travel there? Do you want to live the surfer lifestyle? Do you want to do a 16,000 feet skydive in Cairns? Do you want to live the cowboy lifestyle on a farm, miles from anywhere else? Read books, and articles reviewing Australia attractions and let them inspire you.

Find the one thing you are passionate about doing, get excited and even the hardest obstacles will come easy to you, while planning your trip to the equally mysterious and wonderful country down under.

Travel Oh Travel provides relevant Australia travel information for tourist from around globe, who wants to visit Australia. Here you will find about Australia travel destinations, activities, national parks, culture arts, dining, entertainment, shopping, festivities, and accommodation.

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