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South America Travel Agent

By Travel Oh TravelThursday, December 5, 2013 | 12:28 AM

Choosing the right travel agent for your South America holiday is extremely important. When you are considering a trip to South America, it is not the sort of situation where you just pop into your local travel agent and book the cheapest fare. You need to look for an expert travel agent with South America experience and wisdom who can recommend the right local operators and make sure your journey is safe and memorable for all the right reasons.

It is a friendly and diverse continent, which turns easily between the traditional and modern. But there is so much to see and so many countries that you could include in your tour, that it really pays to get advice from people with personal experience and a real passion for the continent. The best travel agents will be able to recommend or organize a package tour that includes exactly the right features for the type of holiday you require.

Peru is one of the countries that you can happily include in such a package tour when you are discussing options with a travel agent for your South America holiday. It is a large country with a desert coastline, a tropical rain forest, and imposing mountain ranges. The wildlife is abundant and varied and the quaint and charming Peruvian people are happy and contented. The nation of Peru has a rich cultural heritage as well as some attractive modern cities.

The green and flourishing Amazon Basin with its remote and sparsely populated rain forest areas takes half of Peru up. It is an exciting area with stories of ancient civilizations, mysteries, lost cities and hidden treasure. You can take the opportunity to walk along the Incan highway to Machu Picchu, boat on Lake Titicaca and fly over the mysterious Nazca Lines.

You will also enjoy a visit to the magical city of Cusco, which is at the heart of Incan Empire, and ready for you to explore. Another important place to include in the itinerary you organize for your package tour with your travel agent for South America is the magnificent Colca Canyon, which is home to the incredible gliding condor birds. Watching them soar above the thermals will astound you. You can drive with your package tour through the canyon and even stay overnight in the charming little village of Chivay with its enticing hot thermal springs. Imagine going to sleep to the haunting strains of the Peruvian panpipes. Now that is what I call a real holiday.
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